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Atlantis - The Panto

by Paul Reakes

Friday 17th - Saturday 25th January 2020

Ticket Prices – Adults £9; Seniors £8; Children £5.

Box Office opens
19th November 2019


Sheila Hardiman


The Company

What is it about....

When Surpia, the Sorceress, invades the fabulous undersea kingdom of Atlantis, she is annoyed to find that the baby Princess Coral has been taken away to safety. After searching for twenty years, she finds her in the seaside village of Portaloo, where Coral has been adopted by Florrie Flotsam as her daughter, Faye.

When Surpia kidnaps Faye, Florrie and her family, together with the handsome Lord Valentine (who has fallen in love with Faye) and Captain Capstan, set sail to rescue her. Surpia uses all her evil powers to thwart them but somehow the motley crew manage to evade the perils.

A fantasy adventure story, full of thrills, laughter and songs.

Forthcoming Productions

23rd to 25th April 2020

To be announced