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April Trio of Plays

Thursday 26th - Saturday 28th April 2018

Ticket Prices – Adults £9; Seniors £8; Children £5.

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O, What a Lovers' War! by Karen Ince. A story of love during the Great War, told through a series of vignettes, looking at the Home Front through the lives of two families from different social classes - for whom the conflict has parallel effects.


Diana Mills


Doris Roberts ... Kayleigh Fagence
Frank Roberts ... Jon Duke
Daisy ... Clare Britton
Margaret Barber ... Merle Dodsworth
Arthur Barber ... Geoff Dodsworth
Alice ... Sian Hayden

The Dreaming by Richard James. Two people find themselves in a featureless room, with no memory of how they arrived there, or even who they are. Their only clues come from scraps of paper on the floor, that seem to mirror words they have spoken. Find out where this leads..... 


Lorraine Biddlecombe


One ... Liz Strevens
Two ... Geoff Dodsworth

Pina Coladas by Matthew Meehan. The invites have been sent and 2 men arrive at a bar hoping for an unforgettable night. With the cocktails come a flurry of questions and a knowledge of pop trivia may be helpful or it could be a waste of time. [Note: This performance contains some strong language].


Matthew Meehan


Katherine ... Fiona Winchester
Peter ... Stuart Wineberg
Richard ... Jon Duke
Samantha ... Kayleigh Fagence

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A Bunch of Amateurs

Thurs 26th to Sat 28th July 2018

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