Chameleons play comedy, drama, plays and pantomimes. We like a challenge and so have undertaken a wide variety of plays in thirty years' performing, including Noises Off, which requires the complete set to be reversed twice, between the acts, Daisy Pulls it Off and Blue Remembered Hills where our small stage had to represent several distinct areas for acting, and Female Transport which is set below decks on a prison transport ship.

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They Came from Mars and Landed Outside the Farndale Avenue Church Hall in Time for the Townswomen's Guild's Coffee Morning

Year Production Performance Playwright Director
2020 Panto Atlantis The Panto Paul Reakes Sheila Hardiman
Year Production Performance Playwright Director
2019 Autumn My Husband's Nuts Devon Williams Carrie Laythorpe
2019 Summer They Came from Mars and Landed Outside the Farndale Avenue Church Hall in Time for the Townswomen's Guild's Coffee Morning David McGillivray and Walter Zerlin Junior Lorraine Biddlecombe
2019 Spring Effie’s Burning Valerie Windsor Lorraine Biddlecombe
2019 Spring Ghost of a Chance Brian J. Burton Clare Britton
2019 Spring In By The Half Jimmie Chinn Geoff Dodsworth
2019 Panto Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves Nigel Holmes Marilyn Dunbar
2018 Autumn Bladadder Goes Forth Richard Curtis and Ben Elton (Originally produced by the BBC) Gillian Wilkins
2018 Summer A Bunch of Amateurs Ian Hislop and Nick Newman Liz Strevens
2018 Spring O What a Lover’s War Karen Ince Diana Mills
2018 Spring The Dreaming Richard James Lorraine Biddlecombe
2018 Spring Pina Coladas Matthew Meehan Matthew Meehan
2018 Festival Housebound Simon Mawdsley Lorraine Biddlecombe
2018 Panto Jack and the Beanstalk Damian Trasler, David Lovesy and Steve Clark Gillian Wilkins
2017 Autumn Murdered to Death Peter Gordon Jenni Prior
2017 Summer Female of the Species Joanna Murray-Smith Karol Cooper
2017 Spring Housebound Simon Mawdsley Lorraine Biddlecombe
2017 Spring Dancers Jean McConnell Sheila Hardiman
2017 Spring The House Of Fog Peter Brammer Liz Strevens
2017 Panto Robin Hood - A pantomime Bob Hammond Liz Strevens
2016 Autumn All My Sons Arthur Miller Geoff Dodsworth
2016 Summer Sudden Death at Thornbury Manor Chris Lewis and Carol Hutton Gillian Wilkins
2016 Spring The Pocket Dream Elly Brewer and Sandy Toksvig Matthew Meehan
2016 Panto Aladdin Nigel Holmes Gillian Wilkins
2015 Autumn Dracula Bram Stoker Liz Strevens
2015 Summer Relatively Speaking Alan Ayckbourn Lorraine Biddlecombe
2015 Spring Fawlty Towers John Cleese and Connie Booth Gillian Wilkins
2015 Panto The Wizard Of Oz - The Panto Emma Houldershaw and Samantha Cartwright Geoff Dodsworth
2014 Autumn The Ladykillers Graham Linehan Liz Strevens
2014 Summer The Vicar Of Dibley Ian Gower and Paul Carpenter Marilyn Dunbar
2014 Spring Parentcraft Stephen Smith Vince McKeown
2014 Spring Heavens Above Diana Raffle Kelly Maiden
2014 Spring Chinamen Michael Frayn Matthew Meehan
2014 Panto Peter Pan The Panto! James Barry Gillian Wilkins & Dave Wilkins
2013 Autumn The Nightingales Peter Quilter Jenni Prior
2013 Summer Ladies Down Under Amanda Whittington Mike Morris
2013 Spring Have a Nice Day Lynn Britney Godfrey Partridge
2013 Spring Through A Glass Brightly Tom Pinnock Tom Pinnock
2013 Spring Albert Richard Harris Lorraine Biddlecombe
2013 Panto Little Bo Peep Paul Reakes Marilyn Dunbar
2012 Autumn We Found Love and An Exquisite Set of Porcelain Figurines Aboard the SS Farndale Avenue David McGillivray and Walter Zerlin Junior Lorraine Biddlecombe
2012 Summer Ladies Day Amanda Whittington Mike Morris
2012 Spring Up The Garden Path Paul Beard Karol Cooper
2012 Spring Spongecake and Branston Mark Robberts Kelly Pieda
2012 Spring Curses Foiled Again Evelyn Hood Jenni Prior & Philippa O’Connell
2012 Panto Hansel and Gretel Norman Robbins Sheila Hardiman
2011 Autumn Funny Money Ray Cooney Simon Grey
2011 Spring Gone Jeannie van Rompaey Lorraine Biddlecombe
2011 Spring Perfect Partners Alan Richardson Dave Wilkins
2011 Spring Amazing Grace Rena Pope Sheila Hardiman
2011 Festival Gone Jeannie van Rompaey Lorraine Biddlecombe
2011 Panto Cinderella Paul Reakes Liz Strevens
2010 Autumn It Could Be Any One Of Us Alan Ayckbourn Marilyn Dunbar
2010 Summer September in the Rain John Godber Lorraine Biddlecombe
2010 Summer The Fat Lady Sings in Little Grimley David Tristram Sheila Hardiman
2010 Summer Brenton v Brenton David Tristram Liz Strevens
2010 Spring Dial M for Murder Frederick Knott Jan Bradshaw
2010 Festival September in the Rain John Godber Lorraine Biddlecombe
2010 Panto Robinson Crusoe John Morley Marianne Potts
 2000s [Top]
Year Production Performance Playwright Director
2009 Autumn Garden Pests Jean McConnell Sheila Hardiman
2009 Autumn Grannies Jean McConnell Sheila Hardiman
2009 Autumn Mr Foot Michael Frayn Marianne Potts
2009 Autumn A Cut in the Rates Alan Ayckbourn Lorraine Biddlecombe
2009 Summer Communicating Doors Alan Ayckbourn Liz Strevens
2009 Spring Laura Gary Orchard Godfrey Partridge
2009 Spring California Suite Neil Simon Mike Morris
2009 Festival The Window Cleaner Gillian Plowman James Hodgson
2009 Panto Goldrush Mountain Terry James, Alec Ransom, Andrew Boyd Andrew Boyd
2008 Autumn Albert make us laugh Jimmy Chinn Karol Cooper
2008 Summer Curtain call Bettine Manktelow Sheila Hardiman
2008 Spring Streuth Michael Green Liz Strevens
2008 Spring Stalag 69 Michael Green Liz Strevens
2008 Spring The Window Cleaner Gillian Plowman James Hodgson
2008 Spring Sweet Caroline Sweet Tony Edwards Geoff Dodsworth
2008 Panto The old woman who lived in a shoe Norman Robbins Sheila Hardiman
2007 Autumn Me and my friend Gillian Plowman Marilyn Dunbar
2007 Summer Beyond Reasonable Doubt Jeffrey Archer Geoff Dodsworth
2007 Spring The Droitwich Discovery Nick Warburton Marianne Potts
2007 Spring Henry Hereafter Hal D Stewart Godfrey Partridge
2007 Spring Merry Regiment of Women Rae Shirley Sheila Hardiman
2007 Panto The Three Musketeers Richard Lloyd Liz Strevens
2006 Touring On Location Stephen Smith Margaret Skipper
2006 Autumn Pack of Lies Hugh Whitemore Mike Morris
2006 Summer Ladies who Lunch Tudor Gates Godfrey Partridge
2006 Spring Tea, Set and Match Sean Street Marianne Potts
2006 Spring Swan Song Vanessa Brooks Sarah Phipps
2006 Spring A Galway Girl Geraldine Aron Karol Cooper
2006 Festival Teechers John Godber Liz Strevens
2006 Festival A Galway Girl Geraldine Aron Karol Cooper
2006 Panto Little Red Riding Hood Paul Reakes Sheila Hardiman
2005 Autumn Confusions Alan Ayckbourn Marilyn Dunbar
2005 Summer The Importance of being Earnest Oscar Wilde Geoff Dodsworth
2005 Spring Teechers John Godber Liz Strevens
2005 Spring Bill & Bob H. Connolly Karol Cooper
2005 Festival Bill & Bob H. Connolly Karol Cooper
2005 Panto The Ruby of Karubi Terry James, Alec Ransom, Janet Ransom, Billie Payne, Andrew Boyd Terry James
2004 Touring Nov A Dog's Life Pam Valentine James Hodgson
2004 Autumn Don't Dress for Dinner Marc Camoletti Mike Morris
2004 Summer Curtain up on Murder Bettine Manktelow Sheila Hardiman
2004 Spring Swingers Paul Beard Roger Hester
2004 Spring Cliff's Edge Paul Beard Marilyn Dunbar
2004 Spring Feeding the Ducks Michael Park Lee Foster
2004 Panto Dick Whittington John Morton Liz Strevens
2003 Touring Nov Out for the count Martin Downing Margaret Skipper
2003 Autumn Dancing at Lughnasa Brian Friel Mike Morris
2003 Summer What are Little Girls Made of? Peter Coke Godfrey Partridge
2003 Spring Perfect Partners Alan Richardson Norma Hester
2003 Spring Background Artiste Stephen Smith Sheila Hardiman
2003 Spring/Festival Sequence of Events George McEwen Green Marianne Potts
2003 Panto Goldilocks & the Three Bears John Morton Marilyn Dunbar
2002 Autumn Close to Croydon Gillian Plowman James Hodgson
2002 Autumn Jimmy McBride Godfrey Partridge Godfrey Partridge
2002 Autumn Tryst Colin Crowther Karol Cooper
2002 Summer Allo, 'allo Jeremy Lloyd & David Croft Liz Strevens
2002 Festival Jimmy McBride Godfrey Partridge Godfrey Partridge
2002 Festival Tryst Colin Crowther Karol Cooper
2002 Panto Treasure Island Willis Hall Geoff Dodsworth
2001 Touring Nov Cinderella Michael Green Sheila Hardiman
2001 Touring Nov Last Panto In Little Grimley David Tristram Margaret Skipper
2001 Autumn Take Away the Lady Jimmy Chinn Marianne Potts
2001 Summer Blue Remembered Hills Dennis Potter Marilyn Dunbar
2001 Spring Female Transport Steve Gooch Janet Ransom
2001 Festival Oedocles, King of Thebes Michael Green Pauline Hodges
2001 Panto Aladdin John Morley Marianne Potts
2000 Autumn Oedocles, King of Thebes Michael Green Liz Strevens
2000 Autumn Southanger Park Michael Green Liz Strevens
2000 Autumn Trapped Michael Green Liz Strevens & Norma Hester
2000 Summer See How They Run Philip King Geoff Dodsworth
2000 Spring The Drag Factor Frank Vickery Marilyn Dunbar
2000 Spring The Train Carl Slotboom Janet Ransom
2000 Spring/Festival Ritual for Dolls George McEwen Green Marianne Potts
2000 Panto Sing a Song of Sixpence Norman Robbins Liz Strevens
 1990s [Top]
Year Production Performance Playwright Director
1999 Autumn Noises Off Michael Frayn Mike Morris
1999 Summer House Guest Francis Durbridge Godfrey Partridge
1999 Festival Beata Beatrix Gillian Plowman Godfrey Partridge
1999 Panto Dick Turpin Unknown Terry James
1998 Autumn Last Tango in Little Grimley David Tristram Godfrey Partridge
1998 Autumn Groping for Words Sue Townsend Liz Strevens
1998 Autumn In by the Half Jimmy Chinn Geoff Dodsworth
1998 Summer Blithe Spirit Noel Coward Jan Bradshaw
1998 Spring Departure Stephen Smith Pauline Hodge
1998 Spring Beata Beatrix Gillian Plowman Godfrey Partridge
1998 Spring Anyone for Tennis? Gywn Clark Derek Marks
1998 Festival Parentcraft Stephen Smith Karol Cooper
1998 Panto Snow White Unknown Marilyn Dunbar
1997 Autumn Parentcraft Stephen Smith Karol Cooper
1997 Autumn The Real Inspector Hound Tom Stoppard Terry James
1997 Summer Party Piece Richard Harris Liz Strevens
1997 Spring Interior Designs Jimmy Chinn Marianne Potts
1997 Spring Easy Stages N J Warburton Godfrey Partridge
1997 Spring/Festival Olive and Hillary Geraldine Aron Karol Cooper
1997 Panto Mother Goose Norman Robbins Liz Strevens
1996 Autumn Daisy Pulls It Off Denise Deegan Mike Morris
1996 Summer Under the Stars Richard Crane Marilyn Dunbar & Karol Cooper
1996 Spring Seaside Postcard Terence Frisby Margaret Skipper
1996 Spring Out for the Count Martin Downing Liz Strevens
1996 Spring/Festival The Rape of Bunny Stuntz A R Gurney Karol Cooper
1996 Panto Puss in Boots Alan Brown Jan Bradshaw
1995 Autumn The Real Thing Tom Stoppard Mike Morris
1995 Summer Alphabetical Order Michael Frayn Karol Cooper
1995 Spring The Killing of Sister George Frank Marcus Marilyn Dunbar
1995 Festival But Yesterday Jimmy Chinn Liz Strevens
1995 Panto Santa in Space Paul Reakes Karol Cooper
1994 Autumn Darling Mr London Anthony Marmott & Bob Grant Derek Marks
1994 Touring Last Tango in Little Grimley David Tristram Sandy Roberts
1994 Summer Taking Steps Alan Ayckbourn Mike Morris
1994 Spring Who's on First? Jack Sharkey Liz Strevens
1994 Festival The Donahue Sisters Geraldine Aron Karol Cooper
1994 Panto Sinbad the Sailor Paul Reakes Sandra Ricketts
1993 Autumn A Cut in the Rates Alan Ayckbourn Karol Cooper
1993 Autumn The 500th W.A.C. Frank Bryce Jan Bradshaw
1993 Autumn The Witches Margaret Wood Derek Marks
1993 Autumn Poor Mr Perkins Terry James Terry James
1993 Summer Up'n Under John Godber Sandy Roberts
1993 Spring Visiting Hours Richard Harris Karol Cooper & Marilyn Dunbar
1993 Festival Showbusiness Richard Harris Marilyn Dunbar
1993 Festival Humphrey Pumphrey Afred Greenaway Jan Bradshaw
1993 Panto Sleeping Beauty Norman Robbins Marilyn Dunbar
1992 Autumn Stepping Out Richard Harris Sandy Roberts
1992 Summer The Murder Room Jack Starkey Liz Strevens
1992 Spring Humphrey Pumphrey Alfred Greenaway Jan Bradshaw
1992 Spring/Festival Forward to the Right Lily Ann Green Karol Cooper
1992 Spring There's Always Spring Unknown Janet Ransom
1992 Spring Can You Hear the Music? David Campton Sandra Ricketts
1992 Panto Cinderella Aan Brown Derek Marks
1991 Autumn Aurelia Robert Thomas Sandy Roberts
1991 Summer Outside Edge Richard Harris Mike Morris
1991 Spring Curses, Foiled Again Evelyn Hood Sue Meads
1991 Spring Under the Twelfth Sign Enid Coles Karol Cooper
1991 Spring/Festival Our Man Daniel Clucas Marilyn Dunbar
1991 Panto Babes in the Woods John Crocker & Eric Gibler Terry James
1990 Autumn Boeing. Boeing Marc Camoletti Sandra Ricketts
1990 Summer Pastiche Nick Hail Liz Strevens
1990 Summer The Rats Agatha Christie Terry James
1990 Summer School Days The Chameleon Theatre Group Mariyn Dunbar
1990 Spring The walking Dead Michael Lawler Marilyn Dunbar
1990 Spring/Festival Anyone for Tennis? Gwyn Clark Marilyn Dunbar
1990 Spring Don't Blame it on the Boots N J Warburton Mike Morris
1990 Panto Hickory Dick's Dock Norman Robbins Sandy Roberts
 1980s [Top]
Year Production Performance Playwright Director
1989 Autumn Out of Sight, Out of Murder Fred Carmichael Karol Cooper
1989 Spring Midsummer Mink Peter Coke Sandra Ricketts
1989 Festival Singing in the Wilderness David Campton Sandy Roberts
1989 Panto Robinson Crusoe John Morley Derek Marks
1988 Autumn Murder In Company Philip King & Jon Roland Sandy Roberts & Karol Cooper
1988 Summer A Fish in Her Kettle David Pearson Janet Hill
1988 Summer Mrs Meadowsweet David Campton Sandra Ricketts
1988 Summer Singing in the wilderness David Campton Sandy Roberts
1988 Spring Clerical Errors Georgina Reid Norma York
1988 Panto Jack & the Beanstalk John Morley Marilyn Dunbar
1986 Autumn No Time for Fig Leaves Duncan Greenwood & Robert King Sandy Roberts
1986 Spring Womberang Sue Townsend Janet Hill
1986 Spring A Night Out Frank Vickery Sophie Wolyniec
1986 Spring/Festival A Kind Alaska Harold Pinter Marilyn Dunbar
1987 Panto Tom, Tom, the Piper's Son Norman Robbins Sandy Roberts
1986 Autumn Dead Man's Hand Seymour Matthews Karol Cooper
1986 July Children's Day Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall Sandra Rickets
1986 Spring/Festival Cup Final Charles Mander Marilyn Dunbar
1986 Spring Mother Figure Alan Ayckbourn  
1986 Spring Resting Place Unknown  
1986 Panto Alice in Funland Terry James Terry James
1985 Autumn Party to Murder Olive Chase & Stewart Burke Terry James
1985 Summer Gosforth's Fete Alan Ayckbourn Marilyn Dunbar
1985 Summer Ladies this is War Anthony Booth Trevor Williams
1985 Summer A Talk in the Park Aan Ayckbourn Marilyn Dunbar
1985 Summer Ernie's Incredible Hallucination Alan Ayckbourn Viv Jenkins
1985 Summer Generation Gap Unknown  
1985 April Continental Quilt Joan Greening Karol Cooper
1985 January Aladdin Ron Hall Derek Marks
1984 October Top Gear Joan & Patricia Cole Derek Marks
1984 July Be an Angel Cherry Voight Derek Marks
1984 July Miss Favour Decides Mark Langham Norma Young
1984 July The Critics T B Morris  
1984 July Pound on Demand Sean O'Casey Sandra Ricketts
1984 Spring Family Dance Felicity Browne Marilyn Dunbar
1984 Festival Sparrows Charles Mander Robin Keighley
1984 Panto Cinderella Verne Morgan Robin Keighley
1983 Panto Babes In the Woods John Crocker Valerie Lindley
1982 Autumn The Enquiry Charlotte Hastings Sue Gordon
1982 May The Edge of Darkness Brian Clemens  
1982 Panto Dick Whittington John Morley Valerie Lindley
1981 July The Showdown Unknown Jill Macklin
1981 July Sparrows Charles Mander Robin Keighley
1981 July Plot and Counter-plot Philip Johnson Diane Ryman-Tubb
1981 March I'll Get My Man Philip King Derek Marks
1981 January Animal Vegetable Mineral Pegy Johns Peggy Johns
1980 Autumn Chase Me Comrade Ray Cooney Valerie Lindley
1980 Summer The Crimson Coconut Ian Hay Sue Gordon
1980 Summer The Laundry Girls Bill Owen Valerie Lindley
1980 Summer The Six Wives of Calais L. Dugarde Peach Derek Marks
1980 March Suddenly at Home Francis Durbridge Marilyn Dunbar
 1970s [Top]
Year Production Performance Playwright Director
1979 November There Goes the Bride Ray Cooney & John Chapman Sandra Roberts
1979 July The Tempting Temp Iris Tiller Marilyn Dunbar
1979 July This isn't my Scene, Man Anthony Roth Jill Macklin
1979 July Home is the Hunted R F Delderfield Sue Gordon
1979 Spring Driller of the Year Glyn Jones Iris Tiller
1978 November Move Over Mrs Markham Ray Cooney & John Chapman Valerie Lindley
1978 June The witches Margaret Wood Derek Marks
1978 June This Desirable Cottage Anthony Booth Sue Gordon
1978 June When the Cock Crows Joe Corrie Jill Macklin
1978 April As Black as She's Painted Philip King Derek Marks
1977 November Cock-a-Doodle-Do Wilson Barnes Sandra Roberts
1977 June A Goon show Sketch Spike Milligan  
1977 June Mr Hunter Stuart Ready Iris Tiller
1977 June Celestial Error Patricia Brooks Diane Ryman-Tubb
1977 March Farewell, Farewell Eugene John Vari Valerie Lindsey
1976 November Surprise Package Duncan Greenwood Derek Marks
1976 June Crime without Reason Joseph Fletcher Joseph Fletcher
1976 April Breath of Spring Peter Coke Sandra Roberts
1975 November Trespass Emlyn Williams Valerie Lindley
1975 Autumn Dark Brown Philip Johnson Philip Kenchington
1975 Autumn Husbands Supplied Falkland L Cary Chris Phelps
1975 Autumn Element of Doubt Anthony Booth Sandra Roberts
1975 June Will You Take this Woman Maurice Callard Derek Marks
1975 March The Secret Tent Elizabeth Addyman Valerie Lindley
1975 Spring Today of All Days Philip Johnson Peter Lewis
1974 November The Bride and the bachelor Ronald Miller Iris Tiller
1974 Autumn Colour Bar Joe Corrie Suzanne Green
1974 June Tea for cree Marjorie Vosper Suzanne Green
1974 June The Recco Falkland L Cary Marion Lewis
1974 June Pop Goes the Patient Leonard Barnett Derek Marks
1974 March Love's a Luxury Guy Paxton & Edward V Hoile Valerie Lindley
1973 November Ring Round the Moon Jean Anouilh Elisabeth Gay-Pickard
1973 June The Critics T B Morris Derek Marks
1973 June A Kind of Atonement T B Morris Derek Marks
1973 June Nitro Anthony Booth Derek Marks
1973 March Not Now Darling Ray Cooney & John Chapman Elisabeth Gay-Pickard
1972 November Corinth House Pamela Hansford Johnson Elisabeth Gay-Pickard
1972 April Semi-detached David Turner Bill Thomas
1971 November Incident David Campton Derek Marks
1971 September Every Other Evening Francios Campaux Valerie Lindley
1971 March House by the Lake Hugh Mills Geoff Brecknell
1970 November Cat on the Fiddle John Dole Valerie Lindley
1970 July Temptation Sordid or Virtue Rewarded Winifred Phelps Brian Utton
1970 July The Showdown Anthony Booth Geoff Brecknell
1970 July Careful Rapture Jack Popplewell Tom Furnell
1970 April Deadly Record Nina Warner Hooke Bill Thomas
 1960s [Top]
Year Production Performance Playwright Director
1969 December The Rape of the Belt Benn W Levy Valerie Lindley
1969 October Count Your Blessings Ronald Jeans Bill Thomas
1969 July The Proof of the Poison Falkland L Cary & Philip Weathers John Hester
1969 March The Sea Urchin John Hastings Turner Valerie Lindley
1968 November Plot and Counter-plot Philip Johnson Iris Tiller
1968 November Strangers Road W Chetham Strode Valerie Lindley
1968 June Dangerous Corner J B Priestley Bill Thomas
1968 April On Monday Next Philip King Joseph Fletcher
1967 Winter Home is the Haunted Unknown  
1967 Winter The Rose and the Crown Unknown  
1967 Winter The Ugly Duckling Unknown  
1967 November Something to Hide Lesley Sands Valerie Lindley
1967 July I Spy John Hamilton Iris Tiller
1967 July Impasse Gregory Paige Liz Cooper
1967 July Legacy of Ladies Sam Bate Margaret Horne
1967 April A Letter from the General Maurice McLoughlin Restel Burton
1967 January This Happy Breed Noel Coward Joseph Fletcher
1966 October Jane Steps Out Kenneth Horne Patrik Servis
1966 Summer Trap for a Lonely Man Unknown  
1966 Spring Crystal Clear Phil Young  
1965 Autumn The Giaeonda Smile Aldous Huxley Patrik Servis
1965 Summer Three one act plays