Membership details

We have a membership of around 40 at present, the majority of whom come to our Tuesday rehearsal and meeting on a regular basis. Even those who can't make the meeting usually appear in the pub!


Our current subscription is £35 per annum (£10 for 16 or under or those in full time education) due at the Annual General Meeting.

Annual General Meeting

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held in September every year where the usual business is discussed and the company makes decisions for the following year, such as subscription and ticket prices.

Management Committee

The management committee is elected at the AGM; the posts are as follows

Chair:   To be decided
Treasurer: Cari Laythorpe
Secretary: Sheila Hardiman
Business Manager:   Sian Hayden
  David Wilkins
  Diana Mills
  Roger Hester
  Karol Cooper

Key posts

Set construction is normally undertaken by all members of the company, but there has to be someone who knows what they are doing! These are the key departments of the theatre

Technical Gurus:   Terry James, Roger Hester, Wayne Bradshaw, Simon Grey, Rebecca Nye, Lionel Elliott
Wardrobe Mistress: Diana Mills
Programmes:   David Wilkins
Poster design:   Lionel Elliott
Web master:   Lionel Elliott

Company Members

Click here for a list of all of the Company members.


Three awards are presented, the Allen Edwards Trophy for best performance during the year, the Sandra Ransom Shield for outstanding contribution to the company and the Derek Marks Award for best director . The members vote for these during the month of August.

Allen Edwards Trophy:   Matthew Meehan for Renfield in Dracula – September 2015
Derek Marks Award:   Liz Strevens for Dracula – September 2015
Sandra Ransom Shield:   Diana Mills

Click here to see the winners of the Sandra Ransom Shield.

Membership Pack

Click here for the Company's Constitution and roles and responsibilities of Company Members 

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