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Do you want to be part of the Company that stages an Alan Ayckbourn play or an Oscar Wilde classic or a rip roaring Pantomime? Then join the Chameleons.

The key activity on a Tuesday evening is the rehearsal for the next production. Of course, not every member will be working on a current production, but most members come to the Ritchie Hall on Tuesday evenings, watching the rehearsal or joining a play reading, staying for the coffee break and then perhaps adjourning early to the local pub. The rest of us turn up at the pub later, of course!

You don't have to tread the boards as there's always something going on, and putting on a play needs a lot of people backstage and front of house, as well as the cast. If you do enjoy being in the spotlight, we hold auditions for the next play towards the end of rehearsals for the current one, so we can make the most of our short rehearsal period.

As we are a small group we need as many people as possible to help with set building and striking; everyone is requested to attend on these occasions, whether in the cast/backstage crew or not. Similarly, the Front of House manager needs several helpers each evening to make sure that the audience is well looked after.

No play could go on stage without backstage: here's a very brief description of the major roles in the backstage crew.

  • Stage Manager - responsible for everything that happens backstage during the run.
  • Lighting - plots the lights with the director to achieve required atmosphere and operates lights during the run.
  • Sound - provides sound effects and music.
  • Props - works during the rehearsal period to source items and set dressing, and is backstage during run to move and supply props during course of the play.
  • Wardrobe - provides the costumes for the actors
  • Production assistant - is with the director at all rehearsals, making notes of moves etc. Prompts the cast as they learn their lines.

There is no charge for meetings, but we do have an annual subscription.

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